Essential Oils for Emotional Trauma – Healing from Traumatic Experiences

Scar with EmotionsSerious and troublesome events in life, such as, loss, death of a loved one, accidents, assault, abuse, or, even basic misfortunes can lead to emotional trauma. These emotionally traumatic events can having a lasting and significant impact upon our health. Emotional traumas can lead to negative health consequences including reduced immune function, pain, abnormal functioning of the stomach and digestive system and psychological issues, such as depression. The use of essential oils can help combat stress and emotional trauma. Let’s take a look at some extremely effective essential oils for emotional trauma. Crossed Band-Aids

Fear and trauma can produce conditioned emotional responses that may inhibit certain body systems from fully functioning properly. Emotions can even produce a molecular “memory” of sorts in various organs and structures of the body, reducing movement and, even, feeling in that location of the body. Until released these repressed traumas, will continue to wreak havoc on the body.

How Essential Oils Work to Release Emotional Trauma

The inhalation of essential oils can promote relaxation, combat stress, and help to address emotional traumas. The body actually responds to odors in as little as 3 seconds, as the body has 800 million nerve endings for detecting and processing odors.

The limbic system of the body, located in the brain, contains certain structures and glands which support emotions, behavior, and long term memories. One of those brain structures, known as the amygdala serves as the memory center for fear and trauma. Only scent can stimulate the most effective response with this gland and lead to the release of negative emotions.

Essential oils have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier which is one of the reasons they can reach the amygdala and stimulate it to release buried feelings of past trauma. Emotional upset and unhappy memories can be brought to the conscious mind and brought into awareness.

Certain biochemicals in essential oils, known as sesquiterpenes, can increase blood oxygen levels in the brain. The combination of smell and oxygenation, enables the amygdala to coordinate the release of stored emotional blocks. When the aroma and oxygenating effect of essential oils, occur regularly over time, partnered with mental focus and intent, they can help to resolve unexplained physical issues created by past emotional trauma.

The relaxing effect of essential oils can help people to move beyond their emotional blocks, as well. Certain oils like Lavender and Frankincense can be very calming to the nervous system. These oils enable a person to relax, instead of getting caught in a downward anxiety spiral. Anxiety has an acidic effect the body and can, potentially, even alter the DNA.

Vetiver- Helps to Cope with Stress

Vetiver essential oil can help one to recover from emotional trauma and cope with stress. It is psychologically grounding and calming. Vetiver helps with depression and anxiety, as well.

Idaho Blue Spruce- Extremely Grounding

Idaho blue spruce is great for releasing emotional blocks. It’s fragrance can bring about a feeling of balance and grounding.


Cypress- Eases Feelings of Loss

The smell of cypress essential oil can ease the feelings of loss, heal from emotional trauma, and calm and soothe anger. Cypress creates a sense of security and grounding.

Frankincense- Historically More Valuable Than Gold

Frankincense was more valuable than gold during ancient times, as it was used to treat every conceivable illness known to man. It improves attitude, uplifts spirits, and helps with depression. Frankincense, also, has muscle relaxing properties. Additionally, it can increase spiritual awareness.

Sandalwood- Helps Remove Negative Programming

Sandalwood essential oil may help to remove negative programming from the cells; for this purpose put some on the big toes. It, also, can be grounding and stabilizing. Sandalwood may promote deeper, more restful sleep. It oxygenates and stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions).

Rose- Promotes Harmony

Rose essential oil can help to promote balance and harmony. It helps one to overcome his or her insecurities. Rose essential oil is calming and brings a heart of good cheer and a lightness of the spirit.

SARA- A Powerful Releasing Blend

Not a topic everyone likes to discuss, but SARA is an essential oil blend made by Young Living, that stands for Sexual and Ritualistic Abuse. The oils in this blend allows one to relax into a mental state that allows for the release of trauma from sexual and/or ritualistic abuse. This blend, also, helps to release other traumatic experiences, including those that involve physical and emotional abuse.

Trauma Life- An Essential Blend

Trauma life is an incredible and powerful blend made by Young Living that allows the body to combat stress and release emotional traumas, that may be causing things like insomnia, restlessness, anger, and a weakened immune system. Releasing these burdens can bring one a renewed sense of motivation and greater vitality.

Other Essential Oils to Consider for Emotional Trauma

  • Idaho Grand Fir – relaxing & grounding
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce- releases emotional blocks; brings about a feeling of balancing; grounding
  • Palo Santo- was used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit of negative energy
  • Cedarwood- calming, promotes clear thinking; stimulates the center of emotions in the brain

Usage Instructions for These Essential Oils Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Diffuse up to 1 hour, up to 3 times per day, or directly inhale when desired.
  • Apply the single oils on desired location for example hands & feet or apply to chakra areas.
  • No dilution required for single oils, except cypress & northern lights black spruce, may dilute 50-50 with an organic carrier oil.
  • Apply SARA on locations of abuse, on navel, lower abdomen, temples, nose, or other desired location; be sure to dilute.
  • Apply Trauma Life to bottoms of feet, chest, forehead, back of neck, behind ears, and along spine (for raindrop technique only); dilute 50-50 with a pure, organic carrier oil (such as, coconut, olive, sunflower etc.).

We All Can Benefit from Essential Oil Use for Our Traumas

Essential oils provide a powerful means of clearing out a person’s past emotional traumas and providing healing. Even those who perceive themselves as mentally tough, will benefit tremendously, as they tend to repress their emotions. Emotional trauma, unknowingly, causes physical health ailments, such as reduced immune function, impaired digestion, and body pain. It can, also, lead to psychological concerns, such as depression. Anyone who has experienced some form of emotional trauma, and, virtually, we all have, should use essential oils to address the trauma.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I will be happy to help you out. Let me know about your experiences with using essential oils to cope with emotional traumas.