Complete Product Review- Do Young Living Essential Oils Work?

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Do Young Living Oils Work? – A Young Living Product Review

You may be wondering, do Young Living Oils work? Is Young Living Oils a quality essential oil company? And is Young Living worth all the hype? In my comprehensive review of Young Living Essential Oils, I will take an in depth look at the brand and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Essential Oil Brand : Young Living Essential Oils

Launched: 1994

Website URL:

Memebership Price: Basic Starter Kit/Membership- $25

Other Starter Kits- price varies

Quality: 9.5 out of 10

Value: 9 out of 10

Customer Service: 8.5 out of 10

Essential Oil Zone Rating: 9 out of 10

Young Living Essential Oils, Product Overview Holiday Starter Bundle

The Young Living Brand of Essential Oils makes pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils are made using the highest of quality standards, and are the only suitable essential oils for therapeutic health purposes. Non-therapeutic grade essential oils are typically used in the cosmetic fragrance industry, or for home air freshening and diffusing, but offer no true health benefits.

Young Living does not use synthetic additives or fillers. What is in the bottle actually matches, what is one the label. Some companies do not use the actual true oil, but a cheaper, substitute oil with similar properties or an oil from a hybrid version of the plant, which does not have the same type of therapeutic health benefits as the original natural oil.

Young Living Essential Oils are not cut with synthetic chemicals, which are often added to increase the profit margin and reduce final price to the consumer. These synthetic chemicals can cause rashes, chemical skin burns, and other negative effects. These chemical additives invalidate the therapeutic healing benefits of a pure essential oil.

Some other companies may skip the additives and make a completely synthetic copy-cat of the oil. These oils cannot truly mimic the complex natural biochemical makeup of natural essential oils. Synthetic oils have no therapeutic health benefits and can be harmful to the skin.

In contrast, Young Living Essential Oils are among the highest quality oils available for purchase in the U.S. The company has superior sourcing standards. The same high standards apply to their corporate owned farms, partner farms, and certified suppliers. Crops are grown free from pesticides and herbicides, nourished in mineral rich soil, using premium quality water sources, away from areas of pollution, such as factories, nuclear power plants, or highways.

Lavender Farm In Europe

The process continues on with high harvesting standards, including using proper and highly precise harvest times. Young Living has superior extraction and distillation processes, which uses lower pressure and lower temperature distillation, because too much heat can break down the therapeutic components. Having high bottling and storage standards are important to Young Living, as well.

All Young Living products go through extensive product testing both in-house and by independent 3rd party accredited labs. Young Living invests millions into their research and development. Their research and development team is like no other. They conduct massive amounts of research to support their product claims and usage instructions.

All the testing and research results in a product of superior quality. Essential oils made from nature and properly distilled, such as Young Living Essential Oils, still contain life giving plant energy which has medicinal value, and results in a product that actually vibrates at a much higher rate than other essential oils.

Pros vs. Cons of Young Living Essential Oils


  • Pure, high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. (No synthetic additives or fillers.)
  • Superior Sourcing Standards (Organic farming practices, proper harvesting, extraction & distillation process.)
  • Top-Notch Research and Development Team (Conducts extensive research to support product claims and usage.)
  • Premium Testing and Quality Standards (Both in-house and by independent, 3rd party accredited labs.)


  • Young Living Oils cost somewhat more than other brands. (However, well worth the price for the quality).
  • Typically, sold only online because it is an MLM. (Some independent health food stores sell for a higher price.)
  • Sometimes products go out of stock.
    • (However, they are usually quickly replenished. Young Living has an abundance of suitable pure, alternative oils that can be used for the same purpose.)

Who Should Use Young Living Oils?  Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser

Anyone looking to experience incredible therapeutic health benefits should use Young Living Essential Oils. Even those who are simply looking to use essential oils for cleaning or home fragrance purposes or diffusing, should consider Young Living Oils because of the standards of purity and the fact that they are chemical free. People who value quality first-and-foremost should use Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living Customer Support

Young Living offers customer support by phone and chat. They are excellent about protecting private information and verifying identity. The time it takes to resolve the issue may take a little longer than desired at times. Customers have been known to say that Young Livings customer support could stand some improvement. However, generally, the team is friendly and will work to get your issue resolved regardless. Any deficiencies in this area, are overruled by access to premium quality essential oils.

Young Living Prices  Basic Young Living Starter Kit

When purchasing products through Young Living, one has two options. You may purchase essential oils directly through the website, at retail prices, without being a member, or you may purchase products for wholesale prices,  which is a 24% discount, if you choose to become a Young Living member.

To become a member, simply choose a starter kit that you would like to purchase. The most basic starter kit will cost just $25 dollars and includes one of their popular essential oil blends, Stress Away, and samples of a couple of their other products. Becoming a member allows you to purchase products at Young Living wholesale prices, as long as you make at least one single purchase per year.

Other Young Living starter kits can range anywhere from $50 to $165 for the most premium starter kit. The higher priced starter kits usually include a diffuser and multiple oils. These starter kits offer a great quantity and variety of essential oils for an excellent value. Kits allow you to build your essential oil collection for an even greater discount than your basic wholesale prices.

Generally, you will, also, pay a shipping fee on Young Living purchases unless you purchase over a specific dollar amount per transaction.

Young Living Business Opportunity

Since Young Living is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company you will receive a commission for those who sign up underneath and purchase products. There are, also, opportunities to receive bonuses and other perks for certain achievements. Those who do, well, will receive an opportunity to attend company conventions, as well.

My Final Opinion of Young Living

All in all, Young Living is truly one of the highest quality essential companies in the U.S. and many parts of the world. The excellent sourcing, extraction and distillation process, and purity creates premium essential oils. The research, development, testing standards, and quality control ensure that the products continue to exceed all expectations each year. The purity and therapeutic health benefits of Young Living Essential Oils are incredible.

I highly suggest becoming a member of Young Living, and at a minimum, adding a few of the staple essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree, lemon, and peppermint to your collection today. Young Living truly is the “essential”, essential oil brand.

Young Living at a Glance…   Haven Young Living Starter Bundle

Name: Young Living Essential Oils


Price: Basic Starter Kit- $25; Seed to Seal Kit- $49;

Haven Starter Bundle- $135 (includes diffuser); Premium Starter Kit- $165 (includes diffuser)

Essential Oil Zone Rating: 9 out of 10

Verdict: Top Quality Essential Oils

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please leave them in the comments below, and I will be happy to help you out. If you would like to share your own experiences with Young Living or provide your own product feedback, I encourage you to do so in the comment section below. Thank you.